Cross Currents Sea Kayaking  provides high quality sea kayaking instruction to intermediate and advanced paddlers. Our rigorous courses are conducted throughout the Chesapeake Bay and along the Atlantic coast. We also routinely conduct ACA instructor development programs, run multi-day training trips, and organize expeditions.


What's Happening This Year


2020 will see a wide range of courses and trips, offered up and down the east coast, from Rhode Island to Florida, and in Europe.  We are doing a whole bunch of new things this year: two week-long trips to Greece, a week-long trip to southwest Florida in February, a long weekend at Tangier Island, out in the middle of the Chesapeake Bay. Also check out the very popular "Gathering" course which will be at Chincoteague Is., VA this year. Other new courses include one on Risk Assessment and Incident Management (with Paula Hubbard), Advanced (and Very Cool) Strokes, and Advanced Rescues.  Instructor training will include two updates: a one-day for L2 instructors and a two-day for L3 instructors, both at Chincoteague in June In addition we'll be doing an L3 Trip Leaders training and assessment with Jen Kleck at Kiptopeke. And that's just the new stuff!  There'll be instruction courses or trips just about every weekend from mid-May through mid-November. See "Courses" tab for details.

The Cross Currents Frequent Paddler Program


Cross Currents is pleased to announce that we will be continuing our frequent paddler program (FPP), through which you can get reduced prices or even free classes or trips.  Last year, people saved $3,000 through frequent paddler points.

Here’s how it works:


  • You get one Frequent Paddler Point for each day of a Cross Currents trip or course that you take. So if you do a three-day trip, you earn three FPPs. If you also take a one-day class, you’d get another FPP for a total of four FPPs. You get the idea.


  • Once you accumulate six points, you are eligible for a $100 reduction in the next course or trip you take. You can accumulate as many points as you want before cashing them in, as long as you use them before the end of the calendar year. So for example if you were to do a week-long trip, you'd get seven FPPs and could use six of them for a free one-day skills class or to get $100 off your next trip.

  • There are a few restrictions. First, you can’t carry points over from one calendar year to the next. Second, participation in UnCon gets a maximum of six FPPs. Third, you cannot cash in your FPPs for courses that other instructors run for and through Cross Currents.

Unconscious Competence Series returns for 2020! This award-winning approach to long-term paddler development returns this year with another new bunch of rising paddlers.  This UnCon  will run over a four-month period (May to August) and involve approximately 12 days of progressive training sessions.

More Baja Trips!  Our Rocks and Ledges trip to Pacific Baja with Jen Kleck has become such a rite of passage for east coast paddlers that we have to continue the tradition. This year we'll be spending the week on and around Punta Banda from Nov. 7 - 15.  If you haven't done this yet, you need to. And if you have, you know you want to go back!

About Cross Currents:

Our goal at Cross Currents is to facilitate paddler development by teaching new skills, exposing people to new environments, getting everyone to stretch their limits and to do so in a way that is both safe and fun. We specialize in long-term paddler development, working with dozens of repeat clients to refine existing skills and progressively expand both the range of skills and the environments in which they are used.The 2015 national award that we received from the ACA for program development was for the Unconscious Competence series, which operationalized the notion of long term paddler development. Over the past five years that "UnCon" has been running, 25 of the 35 participants received the ACA L3 personal skills award or the BCU 3* award as a result of their particpation in UnCon.

Cross Currents' primary instructor is Rick Wiebush, who is an ACA Coastal Kayaking L3 Instructor Trainer, a BC Sea Leader, and a BC Level 2 Coach. Rick has been fortunate enough to paddle in some fantastic places like Nova Scotia, Greenland, Wales, New Zealand and Australia, and has done multiple extended expeditions in Baja.


But Cross Currents isn't just a one-person show. We work in conjunction with other great instructors such as Jen Kleck, Tom Noffsinger, James Kesterson, Jeff Atkins, Ashley Brown, Paula Hubbard, Ken Fandetti, Dawn Stewart, Greg Hollingsworth, and Mike Hamilton.


We run courses and trips in varied locations, including multiple Chesapeake Bay and Atlantic Ocean venues, as well as Baja. These include Maine, Cape Cod, Newport RI, New York City, Ocean City NJ, Cape Henlopen DE, Ocean City MD, the Virginia Barrier Islands, the Outer Banks, St. Mary's and Cumberland Island, GA, and in the Jacksonville , Tampa and 10,000 Islands areas of Florida.

Of course, the capstone of every Cross Currents season is the excellent Kiptopeke Sea Kayak Symposium which runs on the Virginia Eastern Shore every September. For three days 60 participants and 15 coaches come together to run a wide range of classes and trips in a spectacular setting.

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